The Antidote for Fear

The Antidote for Fear

Since following my dream and opening my own practice earlier this year, I’ve been on a kick about dream chasing. I’ve become more curious about other people’s dreams. I can’t help but notice how often people talk about wanting to make a change in their life.


I’ve heard people talk about wanting to change careers, travel more, and tackle a new hobby. I’ve heard people talk about wanting to start a podcast, move to a new place, or have that difficult conversation. But they don’t. The reason?




Fear of making a mistake. Fear of discomfort. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of taking a step without certainty. Nine times out of ten, what keeps us from our dreams is fear. Luckily, there is remedy for that.



Action. Taking a small action step, no matter how scary. Making a decision to try, even when you’re not certain. Choosing to start, even when you’re afraid.


Action is the antidote for fear.


We can think and strategize all we want. We can plan. And that’s important. But action is what gives us the proof that it’s possible. Action is what challenges our anxiety, providing evidence contrary to our fear.


Thinking about changing jobs, but feeling unsure? Go beyond just looking. Update your resume, and apply for a job. Take action.


Wanting to make new friends, but worried about rejection? Extend an invite. Try a book club. Schedule a coffee date. Don’t just talk about making plans. Take action.


Take a small action step and then reflect on what happened. Did your fears play out? Did you fail? Did you mess up? Did the thing you were afraid of actually happen?


In most cases, the answer is no. Our fears rarely play out like we think they will. And the only way to know that is to take action. It’s scary and difficult, but remember: you can do difficult and scary things.


What are you currently dreaming about, and how is fear standing in your way? Remember, action is the antidote for fear. So what small action step can you take today?


PS: Feeling afraid about taking an action step? Check out 7 things to remember when you’re afraid!

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