The Message You Need to Hear If Things Feel Hard

The Message You Need to Hear If Things Feel Hard

Lately, I’ve found myself wanting to scream at people. Not an angry or aggressive scream, but an encouraging, “this is so important, please hear this and know this” kind of scream. And my guess is that if we sat down across lunch, I’d want to scream this at you too.


I realize it’s not generally polite to scream at people. However, this is a message I feel so passionate about that I can’t keep it to myself.


If things feel hard lately, this message is for you. If you’ve been struggling to make a decision, because it’s big and scary, this video is meant for you. And if you’ve been doubting your ability to change something in your life, do not miss this video.


Every single person I know, me included, needs to be reminded of this. Today, I hope you’ll hear this message, take it in, and be encouraged. Watch below.



Y’all, life is hard. It involves doing tough stuff and making difficult choices. And so often, we stray away from these things. You think, “I can’t do this, it’s too hard.” “I’m unsure, I’m afraid.” And all of those thoughts are valid and real. You’re allowed to be afraid.


But I want you to hear this. You can do hard things.


I get it. You want to run and hide. You want to pull the covers over your head, you want more clarity, and you want it to get easier.


It’s scary and overwhelming and hard.


But you can do hard things. And if I learned one thing from my year of courage, it’s that good stuff is almost always on the other side of hard things.


You know how strongly I feel about talking to yourself. (See why here.) Self-talk is the way we fight against our anxiety and self-doubt. It’s the way we infuse logic into our thoughts. This self-talk is especially important when things feel hard, and your brain is telling you to run, thinking, “I can’t do this; it’s too hard!”


You can do hard things.



How do I know you can do hard things? Because you’ve done them before. You ended a toxic friendship. You stood up for yourself in your family. You asked for a raise. You raised a teenager. You bravely told your partner how you felt. You applied for a job you weren’t sure you’d get. You blended two families together. You got an A in that awful professor’s class. You told your truth. You dealt with a health scare. You wrangled two toddlers through an airport. You got yourself out of debt. You moved forward, even in the face of horrific grief. The list goes on.


Look at all the hard things you’ve already done in your life. Think back; name them. At the time, they were terrifying. You were scared. But you pressed on anyway, and you made it through.


When things get hard, your anxiety will tell you that you can’t do it. Your self-doubt will think it’s too much. But I want you to hear this.


You can do hard things.


Borrow this phrase; use this mantra. Whisper it in scary moments, and repeat often. I can do hard things.


Because you have. And you can. And you deserve all the goodness that lies on the other side of hard. Be courageous. Lean in. Don’t ever forget that you’re capable of dealing with tough stuff.


When things feel hard, know this, my friend. You can do hard things.

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