Looking for Answers or Clarity in Your Life? Watch This.

Looking for Answers or Clarity in Your Life? Watch This.

“I don’t know.” “I’m not certain.” “I just wish I had a clear answer.”


Do these phrases sound familiar? Are trying to make a big decision and looking for answers? If so, today’s post is for YOU. I’m sharing a quote that has shaken me to my core, and I think you need to hear it. Watch below!



Several weeks ago, I started reading Jen Sincero’s bestselling book, You Are a Badass. I’m not quite finished with it yet, but I am loving it so far. Early in the book, Jen shares a quote that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. When I first heard it, I reread it three times, followed by a loud and emphatic HELL YES.


Here’s the quote that has me reeling. “Most answers come from doing not thinking.”


Read that again, slowly this time. “Most answers come from doing not thinking.” Coincidentally, I’ve talked about this concept before (read that post here), but something about the way Jen phrased it just struck me.


If you’re looking for answers in your life, feeling stuck or uncertain, hear this now. Thinking about it is only going to get you so far. You’ve got to do something. Take a step, take a risk, even when you’re afraid.


It’s in the doing and trying that we learn more. It’s the way we collect data, gaining confidence and clarity. Then, and really only then, will you have some answers about how to proceed next.



For example, let’s imagine that you’re thinking about changing jobs. But you’re not sure whether you’d like another field or if you’d even be qualified for something else. You’re not really sure how to move forward, and it seems like a big risk. So you decide to think it over.


But even after some thinking, you’re still not sure. You want someone to point you in the right direction or tell you what to do. You’re looking for answers and coming up short.


Remember, most answers come from doing not thinking. That means that if you want clarity on changing jobs, you’re going to have to take an action step. Enroll in a continuing education course, put out your resume, volunteer to do something that’s related to the job you’re considering.


Try something, even if you’re not entirely certain. It’s in the doing that we get more information. That’s what gives us clarity. Less thinking.  More doing.


If you’re trying to make a big decision, of course it’s helpful to give it some thought. But at some point, thinking about it won’t be enough. You’ve got to do something. Take a step, even when you aren’t totally sure that you’re making the so called “right choice.”


Most answers come from doing not thinking.


What are you looking for answers about? What big decision do you wish you had clarity on? Whatever you answered, know that the answers you want can probably be found in doing not thinking.


PS: Taking that first step can be scary. This post has some helpful words to get you going.


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