My Mantra of the Moment for Dealing with Worry

My Mantra of the Moment for Dealing with Worry

If you’re a worrier, you probably often find yourself anxious about the future, fretting about the unknown, and predicting every possible outcome. You might be surprised to hear that worry, anxiety, and fear are a normal, and sometimes healthy, part of life. The challenge is when we let this worry overtake us, when it balloons out of proportion and carries us away. In these moments, we have to be mindful of this worry, actively telling our brains to slow down and challenge these anxious thoughts. Having a few go-to coping statements or mantras is important in keeping our worry and fear in proportion to what’s happening, and this line from the most magical story on Earth (Harry Potter for those non super fans) is one of my favorites. I repeat it often, gently challenging the worry that creeps in, reminding myself, what’s coming will come, and I’ll meet it when it does.

Harry Potter Quote for Worry

What is your mantra of the moment for dealing with worry?  You can find more mantras and coping statements for anxiety here.


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