Stop Waiting for These 3 Things: They’re Keeping You Stuck

Stop Waiting for These 3 Things: They’re Keeping You Stuck

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, you are in the right place today. If you’re been wanting to make a change, but you’re feeling a little anxious about it, this post is for you. And if you’ve been holding onto a dream but not moving toward it, you’re in for a treat.


Three things are holding you back. How do I know? Because these three things are what hold almost everyone back. It’s time to get unstuck and stop waiting for these three things.


Feeling ready

How many times have you thought about doing something new or scary, only to tell yourself that you’re not quite ready for that? You’ll do it later, when you’re ready. Newsflash: the word “ready” is a giant, sticky trap.


So many of us confuse being “ready” with being 100% prepared, no doubt, and no fear. We think being “ready” means being confident and comfortable, sure that we are totally up for this next step in life.



But here’s the thing. That kind of “ready” doesn’t exist, especially when it comes to meaningful change. In fact, the bigger the change, the less ready you’ll feel.


Sure, it’s important to think carefully before a change, making sure you’re as prepared as possible. But even then, there will still be an element of doubt. That doesn’t mean you’re not ready, it means you’re human and find change scary. Welcome to the club. Stop waiting to feel “ready.” Embrace the concept of “ready enough.”



Think about the last big decision you made. I bet you felt conflicted and unsure. Am I right? When it comes to big decisions, uncertainty is part of the process. It’s normal.


As humans, we hate uncertainty. Uncertainty is scary. It leaves us vulnerable, fearing we’re going to make the wrong move.


So most of us wait. And wait. And wait. We wait for certainty, thinking it will magically appear, giving us the all clear to move forward. But guess what? It doesn’t work like that.


If you’re waiting for certainty, you’ve got two options. Grab a camp chair and a cup of coffee. Get comfortable where you’re at, because you’re going to be there awhile. Or, the second option, is to stop waiting for certainty. Be courageous. Acknowledge the uncertainty, and move forward anyway.



Wanting A clear path

 Google Maps has spoiled us. We type in where we are, where we want to go, and then bam, we’ve got instant directions. A clear path, with no doubt and no questions to answer. The path is perfectly and clearly laid out for us.


Unfortunately, life isn’t like that. It doesn’t come with a Google Map. You have to be willing to get lost and take wrong turns. You have to be willing to start the journey, even when you’re not sure what lies ahead.


Last year, when I opened my practice, I was terrified. I wanted someone to gift me a box labeled, “How to Open Your Own Practice and Not Make Any Mistakes in the Process.” I looked long and hard for that box, but didn’t exist.


I get it. You want a clear path. A solid plan, with every twist and turn mapped out and accounted for. You want solutions for all the roadblocks before you even start, with no chance of getting lost along the way. But nothing worth having has a straight, clear path.


Some of the biggest names in our culture have acknowledged the complicated and windy path they took to get to where they are.


If you don’t see a clear path, don’t wait. Don’t be scared off. Take one step at a time. If no one is doing what you want to be doing, don’t let that stop you. Make your own path. Find your own way.


So what now?

It’s time to get unstuck.  Be thoughtful about the change you want to make. Be prepared. Have a plan in place, and be aware of potential obstacles. But don’t confuse that with being ready and certain. Don’t think that because there isn’t a clear path, you’re supposed to hang back and wait. Stop waiting for these things. They’re stunting your growth and suffocating your dreams.


Be courageous, and lean into uncertainty. Embrace ready enough. Start down a path even though you can’t see more than two steps in front of you.


Get unstuck and get out of your way. You deserve it.

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