What You Need to Know Before Making a Big Decision

What You Need to Know Before Making a Big Decision

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to stop renting and buy a house. It was a big decision. Were we ready? Was it a good time? Did we really want to stay in Chicago longterm? There were a million questions and what ifs. We weren’t entirely sure, and for months, we put off the decision, waiting until we “knew.” We wanted to wait until we were certain…no questions, no doubts, no wondering. But guess what?  That time and certainty never came. Even once we weighed all the pros and cons, ran all the numbers, and sought advice, we still had some uncertainty. And I bet you can relate. In today’s video, I talk about big decisions and what you need to know before making them. Check it out by clicking the link below!



As humans, when we’re making big decisions, we tend to want certainty. We think that if there is doubt or uncertainty, we’re making the “wrong” decision. But this is a trap! This typically keeps us stuck, anxious, or guilty that we’ve made the “wrong decision.” Feeling conflicted and torn is part of decision making, and in fact, it’s probably a sign that you’re thinking critically about your decision. I think the bigger the decision, the greater the uncertainty and internal conflict. It’s a big decision; of course it’s going to be difficult!


What decision are you currently weighing, and is the desire for certainty keeping you stuck?


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