When Real Life Gets in the Way of Your Weekend

When Real Life Gets in the Way of Your Weekend

The longer I do this whole “live on the weekend” thing, the more I love it. Making the decision to radically change how I spend Friday through Sunday was an awesome decision, one I’m not turning back on anytime soon. Recently though, I hit a snag. Real life.


I pulled into our driveway the other Friday, and I couldn’t help but notice our sad, overgrown garden. Our lawn needed to be mowed, and our porch needed to be swept, and I still needed to use the rest of the blueberries from our trip to Stateline. I’ve been having so much fun and intention living on the weekend, real life caught up with me! Sitting in the driveway that day, I felt conflicted. A part of me wanted to say, “Nope, no chores or yard work for you. That’s not living on the weekend.” However, I know that’s not sustainable. So I started to think. How can I balance the demands of real life with my serious commitment to spend my weekends filling up my tank?



I talk a lot about this in this week’s video, but I wanted to share an important realization. Living on the weekend isn’t just about doing fun, adventurous things. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge part of it. More broadly though, living on the weekend is about being intentional with your time and energy. It’s about recharging instead of vegging and doing instead of sitting. It’s about being mindful and engaged, rather than mindless and checked out. When we reframe things with intention, these real life things can bring their own joy and satisfaction.


Check out this week’s video for more of my reflections, as well as some tips for managing real life when you’re trying to have more new experiences and more fun.



For those of you living on the weekend, what are your tips of balancing real life with fun stuff? 


PS: Want to spend your weekend a little differently, but not sure how to know what you need?  Check out this post!

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