How to Comfort Someone: A Simple Formula to Try

Most of us desperately want to comfort our friends and family when they’re struggling, but we often don’t know what to say. A friend is going through a divorce, a family member is waiting on scary test results, your child feels excluded at school.  We want to help, we want to ease their pain, but how do we do that in a way that is actually helpful?  In this video, learn a simple formula for delivering a compassionate and comforting response to those we care about most.



Most of us are pretty good at the “encourage” portion of this formula.  It’s the “acknowledge” portion that’s harder.  The “acknowledge” portion of this formula involves sitting with friends in their pain, no matter how big or scary. Only then, can we truly hear their experience, offering a compassionate and comforting response.


Practice this formula this week with people in your life. It will probably feel a little strange at first, but stick with it. Your loved ones will appreciate it. Plus, I think you’ll feel better about your ability to comfort the people you love. Acknowledge + encourage!


Want a little more help knowing what to say to a friend is going through a hard time? Start here with what not to say.

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