Got a Dream but Having Trouble Getting Started?

Do you have an idea to do something different?  Do you have a yearning to take on a new challenge or follow a dream?  Has your heart been whispering for something more in life?  If the answer is “Yes,” if you’ve got a dream but are scared, discouraged, or struggling with where to start, then this message is for YOU!

So you’ve been playing with this idea, and you can’t get it out of your head. You keep coming back to it. But at the same time, you haven’t really done much to make it happen. So often, when you think about making a change or starting something new, you’re all fired up.  You have a million ideas.  You’re excited.  And you’re totally gung-ho!

But then fear pops up.  Doubt creeps in.  And you have no idea where to start.  Your anxiety tells you you’re not ready.  That you don’t have enough experience or resources.  Your anxiety convinces you that you don’t have the knowledge or the training to try.  You focus on all the things you need before you get started.  And then, because you don’t have those, you feel discouraged, unprepared, and stuck.  So you decide to wait.

Your anxiety tells you you’re not ready.

You wait until you’re ready.  Until you’ve got more time and experience.  You wait until you have all the right equipment.  And you decide to just think about it a little longer until you know exactly what you’re doing. And this approach sounds good in theory.  “Wait until you’re more prepared.” In fact, I’m guessing you’ve had a parent, teacher, or coach tell you something similar.  “Don’t make a leap until you’ve really thought it out.” But the problem is that this thinking leads to waiting.  And more thinking.  Then more waiting.  And suddenly, you haven’t made an inch of progress toward that thing you were dreaming about.

You were pumped.  You were excited.  And you said you wanted something different.  Yet, you haven’t done a dang thing about it.  If this is you, if you can relate, here is the phrase I want you to say to yourself on repeat.  Start where you are with what you have.

Stop waiting until you have all the right things.  Stop waiting until you know exactly what you’re doing.  And stop waiting until you’ve got a full plan in place.  Because that won’t happen.  You won’t ever have all the right things.  Or all the knowledge.  Or a full plan in place.  And waiting for these things will just keep you stuck.  So start where you are with what you have. 

Start where you are with what you have.

Want to start a Youtube channel but don’t have any fancy equipment or video editing skills?  Start where you are with what you have.  Use the camera on your computer, or prop up your cell phone.  Use a free editing software.  Google “How to edit YouTube videos.”  You have all of those things right now.  They’re enough to get started. 

Want to start working out but don’t know a ton about fitness or strength training?  Start where you are with what you have.  Go for a walk or a run.  Check out a book at your library on fitness for beginners.  Watch a YouTube video about at home strength exercises.  You have all of that stuff right this very second.  You don’t need a fancy gym membership to get started.  And you don’t need to know all about macros before you make the first move.  Start where you are with what you have.

Want to start a home staging business, but don’t have any paying clients or a fancy website?  Ask your friends and family if you can stage their homes for free, using what they already have.  Or bring your own things, just for the photos.  Take pictures with your phone.  Use a free website and a basic template until you’re ready to upgrade.  None of these things require a single penny, so there’s no excuse not to start now.

At this point, if you’re thinking, “But won’t I need those resources at some point?  Won’t I need more knowledge, money, and training to keep going?”  Yes, at some point you will.  But here’s the cool thing.  As you start doing, you’ll learn more.  You’ll know more.  And you’ll acquire more resources.  You won’t have them right from the start.  You’ll get them as you move along.  And that’s how you’ll keep going.  That’s how you’ll find more direction.

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect.  Stop waiting until you have all the right resources and knowledge.  And stop waiting for all the stars to align.  Take charge of your life.  Make your dreams happen.  Start where you are with what you have.

What dream have you been putting off?  What goal have you been thinking about but not doing anything toward?  Leave it in a comment below, and hold yourself accountable to start now.


  1. Grace Lucy myrie

    Hi Dr. Allison
    Am a 52 yr woman, disgusted with my current corporate career- want to change it all but have no firm idea of what I want to do,(wish i could travel & work – love travelling), how to get started- just totally stuck!😱😱🙈🙈🙈 CONFUSED! Can you help – lol.

  2. Patrizia Dell`Acqua

    thank you so much for this great video. it is absolutely true and quite simple; now I `m going to start straight away . I will start where I am with what I have.
    I ´m trying to get my book finished for publication, that is my dream.
    You are a real inspiration!

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