Stop Trying to Feel Better. Do This Instead.

Stop Trying to Feel Better. Do This Instead.

Everyday I hear people talk about wanting to feel better. They want to feel happier, calmer, and more grateful. They want to feel connected, less stressed, and more productive. It seems like everyone wants to feel better. And I bet you can relate.


But what if I told you that most of us are taking the wrong approach to feeling better? We’re making a critical error, and it’s getting in our way of feeling calmer, happier, and more connected.


As a result, I’m making the case for why we need to stop trying to feel better. And I’m offering up an alternative that is much more effective. Watch the video to learn more, and then read on for some personalized help.



As I share in the video, it’s not about feeling; it’s about practicing. It’s not about feeling happier; it’s about practicing happy. It’s not about feeling calmer; it’s about practicing calm. The key is taking an active approach to what you want, rather than a passive one, waiting for the feeling to strike.


Want to feel calmer? Engage in mindful breathing. Use coping statements. Talk yourself through stressful moments. Practice calm.


Wishing you felt more connected to your partner? Set aside ten minutes to talk after the kids are in bed. Share highs and lows from the day. Sit near one another. Practice connection.


Want to feel happier? Develop a daily gratitude practice. Blast your favorite tunes. Call a friend. Practice happy.


How do you want to feel?


Now, instead of thinking of that feeling as an adjective, think of it like a verb. Think of it as something you do, something you practice. In addition, make a list of ways you can practice this, even when it doesn’t feel easy or natural. By practicing how you want to feel, you have a greater sense of power over your life.


So how do you want to feel? What can you do to practice this today? Leave a comment below, and let me know. I’d love to hear!


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