Blueberry Picking at Stateline Blueberries

Blueberry Picking at Stateline Blueberries

Last weekend, I had the fleeting thought of quitting my job to go live on a blueberry farm. I’d pick for hours on end, style cute blueberry photoshoots, and make blueberry jam all day.  I’d bake blueberry muffins in the morning and blueberry pies in the afternoon. Me and my blueberry farm. I ran with this fantasy for about an hour. Then I remembered that I can’t keep 95 percent of green things alive, I can’t cook or bake to save my life, and I don’t actually know how to make jam. I quickly came back to reality.


So while I won’t be running a blueberry farm any time soon, I have definitely found my new summer tradition. Blueberry picking! It was even better than I imagined. You might remember that blueberry picking was one of the things on my summer bucket list, and you also know about my ongoing journey to LIVE on the weekend. So when I heard blueberry season had started, I didn’t want to wait another weekend. We headed to Stateline Blueberries, right on the Indiana-Michigan border, taking advantage of a gorgeous and sunny Sunday.



One of the cool things about my journey to live on the weekend is that the same lessons and reflections continue to pop up in various ways. Not waiting and saying, I’ll do it another weekend. Not overthinking it or researching things obsessively. Not only doing what I’m certain will be fun. Instead, just going, just doing, and simply committing to doing things even when I’m uncertain. Getting up early has been another very practical piece that has helped me in my journey to spend my weekends differently. This has made such a noticeable difference that I’m planning to talk more about in an upcoming post.


The more I live on the weekend, the more I realize just how big of a difference it makes. My life feels fuller, more adventurous, and to be honest, just more fun. I’m continuing to learn a lot about myself and the way I recharge through this journey. Enjoy a fun, little video of our time at Stateline Blueberries, and hear more about some of the lessons I’m learning as I continue to try and live on the weekend.


Has this journey inspired any of you to spend your weekends differently? If so, I’d love to hear! You can leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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