My Favorite Weekend Adventure Yet

My Favorite Weekend Adventure Yet

A few weekends ago, we had a wide-open Saturday afternoon. Matt had to work in the morning, and then we had absolutely no other plans. None. Nowhere to be, nowhere to go, and most of our friends were out of town. It was exciting and perplexing at the same time. What to do?



The weather in Chicago was gorgeous, and I was determined to get outside to enjoy it. So after some Google searching, review reading, and coffee drinking, we narrowed it down. I made a phone call and set it up. And it turned out to be my favorite weekend adventure yet.


When I made the decision earlier in the year to radically change how I spend my weekends, I really wanted to do more. I wanted to go beyond dinner with friends, seeing movies, and ordering takeout. I wanted to get out, experiment, and try new things. I wanted to have adventures and make memories. And this week’s LIVE on the weekend outing was totally that. Check out my latest (and favorite) LIVE on the weekend adventure!



Want to have a fun adventure of your own?  Here’s a quick tip to get you started!

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