Find Your Favorite Fall Tradition

Find Your Favorite Fall Tradition

Nearly six months into my “live on the weekend” challenge, I’m continuing to learn and grow. When I made the decision to radically change how I approach my weekend, I had no idea how long this challenge would last. We are well into October, which means it’s time for my favorite fall tradition. Hooray!


Traditions are a great way to hold yourself accountable for creating experiences. Having something you do over and over, without fail, has several benefits.


First, it nearly guarantees that you will make time for whatever the tradition is. It’s an extra layer of accountability. This is similar to idea we talked about earlier this year with the summer bucket list. Traditions help us prioritize and make room in our schedules for things we enjoy.



Second, having a favorite fall tradition builds excitement. Like I shared in this video, anticipation of something fun is often more impactful than the actual doing of the something fun. I look forward to my favorite fall tradition as soon as the calendar hits August. I feel almost giddy knowing it’s around the corner!


Last, traditions are often contagious. We begin to hold these experiences in such high regard that we can’t help but talk about them with others. This often prompts people to think about their favorite fall tradition. They may borrow yours or make their own. Finding your fall tradition can become a community effort!


Almost everyone who knows me knows my favorite fall tradition, because I talk about with such enthusiasm. So I’m thrilled this week to share a video glimpse into this tradition with you!



Remember, your fall tradition doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Make the ordinary memorable with a little extra effort.


Do you have a favorite fall tradition? I’d love to hear! PS: Need ideas for a fall tradition? Check out some fun ideas here.

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