Put the Grind Aside and Choose to LIVE on the Weekend

Put the Grind Aside and Choose to LIVE on the Weekend

I am so ridiculously thrilled to be sharing this video today. It marks the kickoff of a new series here on Dr. Allison Answers, one inspired from my very own life. After the profound realization that I was wasting my weekends, I’ve decided to make a change. And I’ve decided to document the whole thing here on my website. Each and every Friday, I’ll be sharing reflections, observations, funny stories, and challenges, as I am aim to fully LIVE on the weekend. I hope you find some inspiration in my journey. If nothing less, you’ll be entertained. I’m so excited to make this change and to share it with y’all. Here we go!


PS: Curious how to approach your weekend mindfully? Check out this post to get started.

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  1. Carrie

    I’m not living on the weekends, but Have been wanting to for the past two years. I instead sleep or lay around and read or watch tv along with chores. I guess I am procrastinating, which is an issue I have. I’m also not a very social person and although I have my fiancé he’s just like me. My question is how do I motivate him to want to go to our favorite antiques stores and shop on Saturdays or go to the local flea market which is something we enjoy? Am I procrastinating or just knowingly not doing it because I know he will say he’s not in Mood?

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