Why You Need to Plan Weekends with Your Partner

Why You Need to Plan Weekends with Your Partner

Today, I’m dishing out some free relationship advice. It’s short, simple, but oh so important. Plan weekends with your partner. No joke. I want you to set aside a few minutes on Thursday to plan out what’s on the agenda for the weekend. I’m convinced it’s a relationship saver.


Here’s some background. A few months ago, I noticed a trend. I’d wake up on Saturday morning, have my coffee, and be ready to start the day. Then, I’d check in with Matt to see if he was ready to get going, and he’d suddenly exclaim that he had other plans in mind. I was ready to get out, explore, and go, while he was planning to relax and rest for the day. He’d have plans for yard work or a bike ride, when I had hoped for a walk to the farmers market. This resulted in several less than pleasant weekend mornings, with one or both of us feeling disappointed and thrown off our plan. Sound familiar?



It’s essential to plan weekends with your partner. I know for some people, it might seem strange to include “plan” and “weekend” in the same sentence. However, one of the main themes of my live on the weekend challenge is intentionality.  Being thoughtful about what you need and how you can get this. This can become an even bigger challenge when you’re managing the needs of two people. And if you’ve got kids, that’s even more juggling. This doesn’t mean your weekend should become jam packed and over-scheduled. Flexibility and spontaneity are still important. Planning allows us to talk openly with our partners about our needs, commitments, and vision for the weekend.


The easiest way to do this? Carve out a few minutes on Thursday or Friday to talk with your partner about what each of you has in mind for the weekend. What kind of vibe do you want for the weekend? What commitments do you have; what do you need? How do you want to feel come Sunday evening? By talking about these things ahead of time, you increase the likelihood that each of you feels nourished and full come Sunday evening.


In today’s video, learn the simple solution to this classic couple conundrum. Plus, learn how it can make your weekend and your relationship happier.



Do you plan weekends with your partner? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!


PS: Ready to get started planning your weekend? Use this quick tip to help you figure out what you need!

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