See Me Kayak the Chicago River with Wateriders

See Me Kayak the Chicago River with Wateriders

I’m a few weeks into my pursuit to LIVE on the weekend, and so far, I’m loving it. Last week, I shared some initial reflections on the challenge, and this week, I’m back to share a peek into one of my favorite weekend adventures yet…kayaking the Chicago river! Matt and I have a special fondness for kayaking, after it nearly saved our marriage on an almost-disastrous weekend trip to Michigan several years ago. (I’m being a bit dramatic here, but seriously, we will always feel indebted to that little roadside kayak shop for turning the weekend around!)


After living in Chicago for seven years, we’ve done the Chicago River architecture boat tour more times than we can count; we love it! So after seeing kayakers travel the same path over the last several summers, we decided to give it a go. And I’m so glad we did. Being a tourist in your own city rocks!


We connected with Wateriders, who led us on an afternoon tour of the river. It was a completely new and different way to see the city. The view was unlike any other view of downtown you can get, and we heard some new facts and history about Chicago that we hadn’t heard before. The tour was the perfect blend of paddling, stopping, listening, and then paddling some more. And the guides certainly don’t hover; you’ve got room to roam!  (Or should I say paddle?)


Matt brought along our camera to capture the adventure, so I’ve included a quick, little video below. Enjoy! A special thanks to Wateriders for such a fun afternoon. (And no, this post isn’t sponsored; I just loved my experience!)


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