A Simple Weekend Tip: Put It On The Calendar

A Simple Weekend Tip: Put It On The Calendar

You know those times when you’re talking with friends about how fun it would be to _______ (fill in the blank)? Take a trip, go to a festival, host a theme party, tour a local brewery…you get the idea. You’re gathered around, the idea is raised, everyone agrees it sounds fun, but then it never happens. Does this sound familiar?


After being involved in several of these half-hearted commitments, I had enough. Too many fun things had been raised and agreed upon, only to fall by the wayside. So several months ago, when my brother raised the idea of meeting in Columbus for the Oklahoma-Ohio State football game, I saw my chance to break this pattern. I looked at the calendar, said yes, and made the commitment. I put on the calendar in permanent marker, committing not to change my mind. This past weekend, we made it happen. And it was awesome.



This idea of putting something on the calendar isn’t earth shattering, but it’s important. And it’s been a gamechanger since making the decision to radically change how I spend my weekends. It works for a few reasons. One, it forces you to commit. Not think about it, not weigh options, not sort of plan. Commit. This ensures that the super fun thing you want to do actually happens. The second benefit to putting it on the calendar is that you can be intentional. You can plot and plan and really make the experience everything you want. Because we scheduled our trip to Columbus so far in advance, I was able to arrange time with both family and friends, also scoping out some good spots to eat and hang out.


Lastly, when you put it on the calendar, it gives you an extra benefit. Anticipation! Looking forward to an event is half the fun. In fact, planning a vacation has been shown to provide a bigger boost in happiness than a vacation itself. So by having a weekend on the calendar in advance, you’re giving yourself another level of goodness. For this reason, I recommend putting something on the calendar at least a month out. This allows for ample anticipation.



When you think about a fun weekend activity, put it on the calendar. Commit and make it happen. You’ll be more likely to follow through and make it more of what you want. Plus, you’ll have ample time for anticipation, giving you an added boost of happiness.


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