You Know That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do?

You Know That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do?

You know that fun thing that you’ve been meaning to do for months? That activity that you keep telling yourself you’re going to try, but you never get around to it? If you are joining me in my effort to live on the weekend, I have some important advice for you. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do!


One of the lessons I’m learning quickly in my effort to spend my weekends more intentionally is the value of planning and doing. Matt and I joke that we’ve done more in the last few weekends than we’ve done in the last few months. Several of the activities that we’ve done have been on our list for years, but we never seemed to get around to doing them. We’ve talked about kayaking the Chicago River for a few summers now; we finally made it a priority. We’ve passed this cute little farmers market more than a handful of times, and we finally decided to stop. We’ve talked about getting up early to hike on a Saturday, and we’re finally making the time to do that. These things have been on our “list” for years, but we were passive, thinking we had plenty of time to do these things “later.”


In talking about this with friends, I realized we’re not the only ones to fall victim to the “we’ll do it later” trap. Everyone seems to have a list of their own, full of stuff they want to do, but never quite get around to doing. Later turns into never, and the things we want to try, experience, and enjoy just fall by the wayside. What are we waiting for? Life isn’t guaranteed, and we have the opportunity to live now. Why not make the most of it?


Do you have a list of fun stuff that you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to? Maybe you want to check out a certain museum, hiking trail, or new recipe. Perhaps you’ve been talking about hosting a game night, taking a weekend trip with friends, or setting up a summer movie night in the backyard? Don’t keep waiting till later; do those things now. Decide to fully live on the weekend.


PS: Need a few ideas to jump start your list? Check out these fun, summer ideas!

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