Try New Things. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

Try New Things. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

One of my more annoying habits is that I don’t always like trying new things. I’ve shared about this before, and it’s something I have to actively work on, because I know how important it is to shake things up. My recent pursuit to LIVE on the weekend has stretched me to try new things, and it’s prompted me to notice something a little problematic.


I only like to try new things when I’m certain they are going to fun. If I can’t read reviews, look at 100 pictures online, or talk to people who have been, I don’t want to do it. It’s almost as if I’m worried about “wasting an opportunity,” fearful that it won’t be amazing.  Sidenote: it can’t be amazing if I don’t even try it; I realize this.



In short, my advice is this: If you’re interested in doing something, but you’re not quite sure whether or not you’ll enjoy it? DO IT. Don’t waffle, don’t deliberate, don’t overthink it. Just do it. If it’s fun, you’ll have an awesome experience that you might otherwise have missed. If it’s not so fun or kind of a bust, you’ll learn something and know it’s not quite for you. Plus, you’ll have stretched your comfort zone muscles, which is always a good thing!


In this week’s video, I share a little bit about this pattern of wanting a fun guarantee, as well as how I’m working to challenge it. You’ll also get to hear about two recent experiences that I wasn’t quite sure about. One was pretty awesome, and the other was kind of a bust! See what I did, what I learned, and how I’m challenging my pattern of only wanting to do things that I know will be super-fun.



Do you tend to shy away from new things when you’re not certain they’ll be fun, or are you up for anything? If you’re up for anything, share your favorite tips for being so adventurous in the comments below. I want to learn from you!)

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