Forget the Sunday Scaries.  Watch Out for the Sunday Scrambles.

Forget the Sunday Scaries. Watch Out for the Sunday Scrambles.

A few years ago, my little brother told me about the Sunday Scaries. I’d never heard of them. Since then, I’ve had several of my college aged clients reference them, (a reminder that if you want to stay hip and in touch, work with young people lol.)


According to Google and my young clients, the Sunday Scaries are what you feel after a long week of work or school, followed by an amazing and super fun Friday and Saturday, and then a Sunday full of regret, disappointment, and questioning one’s entire existence.


Apparently, the Sunday Scaries are no joke.


However, I recently discovered an adult version of the Sunday Scaries that is just as concerning. Cue the Sunday Scrambles.



You know the feeling. You had a list of stuff that needed to get done over the weekend. Grocery shopping, grading papers, prepping for an upcoming trip, making your kid’s costume for the school play. Now it’s Sunday evening, and you’re scrambling to get it done. You’re rushed and hurried, stressed and irritable.


I’ve noticed just how quickly the Sunday Scrambles melt away any built up goodness from earlier in the weekend. No matter how lovely the rest of my weekend has been, ending it with a frantic push feels awful.


Since starting my live on the weekend challenge, I’ve really cut back on weekend chores and errands. However, the reality is, sometimes I have to work on the weekend. No matter how well I plan, sometimes there are just chores I’ve got to take care of. But after too many frantic and rushed Sunday evenings, I decided to make a change.


If I have to work or do chores, I challenge myself to take care of this before Sunday at 6:00 pm. If I have to write, I do it early Sunday morning. If I have to meal prep, I do it earlier in the day. If I have to do a few loads of laundry, I throw them in Friday night or early Saturday morning. Planning and doing these things earlier helps me avoid the Sunday Scrambles.


Sunday evenings are now reserved for reading, watching movies, or cooking a leisurely meal with Matt. We take a walk, chat with friends, or sit outside. The pace is slower, quieter, and more nourishing. I start Sunday from a full and grounded place, not a scrambled and frenzied one.


Do you experience the Sunday Scrambles? How does rushing around on Sunday evening set the tone for the rest of your week? If the Scrambles are familiar to you, think about what changes and tweaks you can make to your weekend. Protect your Sunday evening. Guard that time as sacred, and kiss the Sunday Scrambles goodbye.


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