Stuck in a Weekend Rut? How to Find New, Fun Stuff to Do

Stuck in a Weekend Rut? How to Find New, Fun Stuff to Do

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something fun on the weekend, but feeling stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over?  Do you want to do something new, but have no idea what to actually do?  If so, this post is for you; I can relate! When I started my live on the weekend challenge a few months ago, I started strong. After vegging out for so many weekends, I had a built up list of fun things to try. But after three weekends of really living, I felt stumped. I wasn’t really sure what to do. While dinner and a movie or hosting friends for a BBQ are always options, I wanted something different. My commitment to live on the weekend is about being intentional, and for me, part of that is breaking out of my weekend rut and trying new stuff.


Today, I’m sharing how to find new, fun stuff to do on the weekend, breaking out of your weekend rut. Life’s too short and the world is too big to do the same stuff over and over. Get creative, get outside your comfort zone, and try new things on the weekend.



Google “What to do this weekend in (insert city you live in).” This tip is almost laughable because it’s so obvious, but it works! I do this almost every weekend, and it’s produced several winning results. Free concerts in the park, restaurant openings, street festivals, and new museum exhibits. If you live in or near a major city, you probably have at least two or three newspapers or magazines that put out a weekly list like this. If you live in the suburbs, try an additional Google search and add “suburbs” at the end. Usually, you’ll get another set of results. A few weeks ago, I found out about a local food truck festival this way. Our friends and us traded in our usual restaurant dinner routine, and we had a blast. While you may not always find something that peaks your interest, it gives you a few quick options, and after a few weeks, you’re bound to find something interesting.


Look on Groupon. I don’t frequently buy things on Groupon, but I do use it to get ideas. Sometimes, when I look at their site, I think, “This is the most random collection of stuff to do.” Which is why I think it’s perfect for finding ways to break out of your weekend rut! You’ll want to leave some time to browse around the site, as I don’t always think it’s the most organized. But it will get your wheels turning and spark a few ideas. Our amazing horseback riding adventure from a few weeks ago was a result of this tactic. Earlier in the day, I scrolled through the app, looking for ideas. I saw something about horseback riding and then looked around for stables near us outside of the app. Of course, the point of Groupon is to buy through their site, but I often just use it for ideas and a way to help me think outside my normal weekend box. Sidenote, This obviously isn’t sponsored, since I’m encouraging perusing without buying lol.


Keep a running “bucket list” and check it often. How often do you hear about or drive past something and think, “That would be fun,” only to forget about it just moments later? After having this happen too many times, I now keep a list of stuff like this on my phone. I talked about this concept when sharing my summer bucket list, and I think it’s so simple yet so helpful. When an idea pops us, quickly write it down, either on paper or on a digital device. (Don’t expect yourself to remember it; actually write it down!) Then when you’re bored or looking to break out of your weekend rut, pull up the list. Instant ideas!


Tell friends you’re looking for new, fun stuff to do. Most of my friends know all about my live on the weekend challenge. (Partly because they get roped into doing random stuff and partly because we film so much of it.) This has been awesome, because they will often tell me about something cool, knowing I’m looking for new, fun stuff to do. We went to a smaller, Chicago suburb musical festival earlier in the summer, thanks to a friends text that said, “This is perfect for live on the weekend!” And she was right. Let your friends or neighbors know that you’re on the hunt for things to do. This helps you find new, fun things to do, and also gives you someone to do them with.


Amazing things happen when we get outside of our comfort zones. And this is just as important on the weekends as it is during the week. So break out of your weekend rut, and try something new!


Can you relate to getting in a weekend rut? Have you tried something new and fun lately? Leave a comment; I’d love to hear!

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