An Easy Reminder to Pause (Plus a Freebie for You!)

An Easy Reminder to Pause (Plus a Freebie for You!)

Yesterday, I posted about the power of taking a ten-second pause. While it might seem simple, this deliberate act gives us a chance to slow down and breathe in the middle of our most hectic moments. A pause gives us the ability to quiet our mind before we move forward, responding instead of reacting. If you’re not used to taking this slow and deliberate pause throughout your day, it’s easy to forget, even with the best of intentions. That’s why I’ve got this little freebie for you today!


When developing a new habit, one of the most helpful things you can do is a create a visual reminder to prompt you to practice whatever habit you’re trying to create. And what better place to put a visual reminder than your phone! Below, I’ve created a custom wallpaper for you to save and download to your phone. This will help cue you to take that oh so important pause. Scroll down to check it out!



Click on the image below for your phone type. Then on the next screen, right click (or hold click if using a mobile device) and select “save image as” and select a location. Now you can set that image as your lock screen from you phone’s settings. Easy peasy!


Now you will have a frequent reminder to pause throughout your day. Take a slow mindful breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Pause, and don’t do anything else. Let your body relax and your brain rest. Just be still. Stay in that stillness for at least ten seconds, though feel free to stay a little longer if you like. You don’t have to take this pause every time you touch your phone, but I recommend trying it at least two to three times a day to start. Try not to rush through this pause as something you “have” to do. Really take your time, and focus on that mindful breath.


Enjoy this simple, visual reminder to pause. It’s simple, but powerful.


PS: If you don’t see your phone listed, post a comment, and I will work to add an image that is compatible with your phone!)


Iphone 6&7 Plus
Iphone 6&7
Iphone 5
Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 & S6, S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S5




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