How to Eat Anything Mindfully

How to Eat Anything Mindfully

If mindful eating has you saying, “Huh, what’s that?” then you’re in the right place. I’m going to walk you through a mindful eating exercise, step by step, so you can experience the goodness for yourself.


But first, why is mindful eating important? Well, it’s important for a few reasons. One, mindful eating has been shown to be effective in reducing binge eating and overeating. So you know that package of Oreos you demolished without even realizing it? Yeah, mindful eating can help with that. Mindful eating has also been shown to be an effective tool in regard to weight loss, and it can help break some of the negative cycles we have with food, our bodies, and self-talk. Plus, mindful eating gives you the opportunity to experience food in a new and heightened way. You know that favorite meal your mom makes or that dessert you always crave? Mindful eating allows you to soak up each and every ounce of flavor or ooey gooey goodness, making the most out of each and every bite.


But perhaps one of the most important reasons mindful eating is so important is because it’s a micro practice in mindfulness. What exactly does this mean? It means that in just a few seconds, it works out the same mental muscles involved in meditation or longer practices in mindfulness. Think of it like taking the stairs instead of the elevator one floor up. Doing this once may not have the biggest effect, but do this repeatedly and in combination with regular exercise, and the effect adds up.


Remember, mindfulness asks that we bring all our attention and awareness to the present moment. So when you combine the word mindful with an action, it simply means we’re doing that thing with all our attention and awareness focused on the action. So when we eat mindfully, we bring all our attention to the act of eating. We pay attention to our food in a different way, noticing texture, color, shape, and smell. We pay attention to the complete process of eating. From choosing the first bite to feeling it settle in our stomachs, mindful eating means we notice each part of the process.


This video gives you everything you need to know about how to eat mindfully. You’ll learn the basics, as well as an easy tip to help you practice on your own. You ready? Let’s do this!



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