Make a Moment Last Forever With Mindfulness

Make a Moment Last Forever With Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a superpower. I’m convinced. It has all sorts of amazing benefits, including increased happiness, optimism, and emotional regulation, as well as reduced anxiety, depression, and anger. One of my favorite benefits though, is the ability to experience a moment with more depth and vibrancy than you ever thought possible. Mindfulness gives you the ability bottle up a moment and take it with you forever.



I’ve talked about this concept in a video before, and on our recent trip to Italy, I was reminded just how incredible this mindfulness superpower is. While out exploring one day, we toured a castle, and after poking around inside for a bit, we stepped out a small door onto a terrace and were hit with the most incredible view. It took my breath away. It was so incredible, and I knew I didn’t want to ever forget that moment.   So right then and there, I stopped and practiced mindfulness. It was magical and amazing, and I gave Wonder Woman a run for her money with my superpower skills. I went from seeing a view and feeling a breeze, to experiencing a moment in all it’s glory.


Shortly after, I asked Matt to flick on the camera, because I wanted to share with y’all an in-the-moment example of how mindfulness can help you soak up life’s magic. A impromptu video to show a real-world moment of mindfulness. Check it out!



I’m convinced mindfulness is a superpower. Have you used it lately? PS: If you’re not entirely sure what mindfulness is, poke around here for a bit and catch up. Also, if you liked this post, you might also enjoy this one!

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