A Mindful Mantra for Stress, Worry, and Distraction

A Mindful Mantra for Stress, Worry, and Distraction

It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate of talking to yourself. While it might seem strange, talking to yourself is an important way to cope when your brain goes on autopilot.


When it comes to autopilot mode, most of us trend toward stress, worry, and distraction. Whether it’s worrying about something in the future, feeling distracted by the difficult conversation we had earlier, or stressing about an upcoming deadline, we spend a lot of time lost in thought and a lot of time not in the present moment.


Yet the research is clear. Learning to focus our attention on the here and now is important. Really important. But this presents a conundrum. Our brains love to worry, stress, and dwell, but we do best when we’re focused on the present moment.


Cue self-talk.



It refocuses your attention and energy on the here and now, reminding you to focus on what’s right in front of you. So whether you call it a mantra, a catchphrase, or a personal motto, having a go to phrase to remind you to focus on the present moment is key.


Lately, I’ve been loving this mindful mantra. Be where you are.


Say that out loud, nice and slow. Be where you are.


When your mind starts worrying about the future, redirect your thoughts to the right now. Be where you are.


When you’re out to dinner but checking your phone, remind yourself to be present at the table. Be where you are.


When you’re stuck in your head, replaying that conversation from earlier, redirect your thoughts back to the current moment. Be where you are.


This mantra, used over and over, serves as a reminder to be in the present moment. Your brain doesn’t like to be in present. It defaults to drifting off. But we do best when we’re in the present. So having a mindful mantra to redirect your thoughts is critical.


So here’s my challenge to you. When you find yourself distracted and not really paying attention, redirect your focus. Use the mantra, “Be where you are.” When you find yourself consumed with worry, redirect your attention. Tell yourself, “Be where you are.” And when you’re stressed to the max? Yep you guessed it. Whisper, “Be where you are.”


Remember, your brain will pull you in a million different directions, but you have a choice in how you respond. Redirect your thoughts to the present.


Be where you are.

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  1. John Lazarou

    I like “be where you are”, that mantra definitely resonates with me. I also liked “one thing at a time”, it was one of my dad’s old sayings. That was a great article, thanks advice.

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