The Importance of Struggling and the Mantra I Swear By

The Importance of Struggling and the Mantra I Swear By

If you’re struggling right now in life, this post was meant for you. If you’re trying to make a change and feeling discouraged by obstacles and setbacks, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, ready to throw in the towel, I’m talking directly to you today.


One of the greatest truths I know as a psychologist is that change is hard. Really hard. We start out strong, feeling inspired and ready. We feel brave and courageous, motivated to tackle whatever comes our way. But then, without fail, it gets hard. There are roadblocks and challenges. And we struggle.


Nobody likes struggling. It’s discouraging and hard. It’s overwhelming and daunting. And it’s usually really tiring. We want to sail through things, seeing nothing but green lights ahead. We want to see an immediate payoff from our efforts. We long for a plan and to have it figured already, bypassing the struggle completely.


But growth and discomfort go together. Struggle and success are a pair. You can’t have one without the other. Struggling is part of the process.



Struggling is how you learn, finding the answers for yourself. It’s how you push your limits and discover that you’re capable of more than you think. Struggling is how you practice patience and gratitude, even when the process isn’t finished.


This idea isn’t fun or sexy. Because none of us want to struggle. But when you remember that struggling isn’t just normal, but also necessary and part of the process? It’s a lot easier to endure.


If you’re having a hard time in life, if you’re in a season of struggle, remember, this mantra. “Struggling is part of the process.” It’s critical for your growth and necessary for change. If you can embrace the uphill climb, rather than groan and grumble the whole, things change. When you reframe the struggle, it feels less discouraging.


If you’re having a hard time with something in life, whether big or small, remember this. Struggling is part of the process.


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