Why I’m the Worst YouTuber Ever

When I started my YouTube channel three years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was just excited to simplify psychology, sharing my knowledge and passion.  I wanted to help people, particularly people who can’t sit on my therapy couch, live healthier and more meaningful lives.

So I started my channel.  I opened and grew my practice.  And I was so busy doing this, I never really paid attention to what other YouTubers were doing.  But lately, my channel has been growing.  And I’ve started to wonder.  What else is out there?  What are people interested in?  And what are people talking about?

So last week, in a moment of curiosity, I started looking at other psychology and mental health related channels.  And I quickly discovered that I might be the worst YouTuber ever. It’s not the best title to have, but I think it’s accurate.

My videos don’t have catchy titles.  “Cure your anxiety in 90 seconds!”  My videos don’t make big, bold claims.  “Fix your relationship in three simple steps!”  And my videos don’t give foolproof advice.  “The sure-fire way to get a girlfriend!”

In all honesty, I wish I could have those catchy titles.  I wish I could promise instant results.  And I wish I could give simple answers.  I’d love to teach you foolproof ways to get rid of your anxiety.  And I’d be thrilled to make a video teaching you the three simple ways to banish depression forever.  But I can’t.  Because these claims?  They’re not realistic.  These flashy titles?  They’re oversimplified.  And that quick advice?  It’s too broad.

I’ve made it my life mission to simplify psychology.  To take what I know as a psychologist, to tease apart the research, and to break down the science into manageable pieces.  But that doesn’t make it simple.  Or easy.  Or foolproof.   Because here’s the truth.  You’re not simple.  Life isn’t easy.  And your brain isn’t a machine; it’s not meant to be fixed.

We live in a world that wants instant results.  Certainty.  And an elimination of all things hard.  But that’s not realistic.  It’s not possible.  And telling you that?  It’s just setting you up for disappointment.

You’re not simple.  Life isn’t easy.  And your brain isn’t a machine; it’s not meant to be fixed.

If you see a video claiming it can teach you shoot like Lebron in 90 seconds, don’t bother watching.  It’s too good to be true.  If you see a video teaching you how build to a house in a day, don’t bother clicking in it.  You can’t become a master craftsperson in 24 hours.  And if you see a video on how to get abs like Jillian Michaels in two weeks, don’t press play. Her abs didn’t happen two weeks. 

Good, healthy things are complex.  They take time, effort, and consistency.  You’re not going to crush anxiety in 90 seconds.  You’re not going to fix your relationship in three simple steps.  And you’re not going to cure depression in a week.  It’s not going to happen.  It’s not that simple.  You’re not that simple.  And life isn’t that simple.

Are there evidence-based ways to reduce and manage anxiety?  Absolutely.  Are there tips and tricks to help your relationship feel stronger?  Totally.  And are there things you can do to be more productive and courageous.  Yes and yes! 

But these things aren’t easy.  I won’t pretend that they are.  And in the world of YouTube, I think this makes me a poor performer.  My titles aren’t particularly catchy.  My videos aren’t less than three minutes.  And I don’t have a million subscribers.

But I have never been happier to be bad at something.  Because it’s real.  It’s the truth.  And I am so ridiculously committed to helping you live your healthiest and most meaningful life.  I want to remind you today that good, healthy stuff takes time.  And work.  It’s not easy or quick.  And it’s not guaranteed. 

Good, healthy things are complex.  They take time, effort, and consistency. 

So if you’re working on something, stick with it.  If it sounds hard, do it anyway.  And if progress feels slow, you’re doing something right.  Simplifying psychology doesn’t make it simple.  So if you’re committed to doing the hard work, navigating obstacles, and not always getting a nice packaged answer, you’re in the right spot.  Because this terrible YouTuber?  I’ve got you covered!

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