Boost Productivity and Focus With This 15 Second Trick

Boost Productivity and Focus With This 15 Second Trick

What if I told you that there are tiny moments throughout your day that, if handled correctly, can boost productivity and increase focus? These moments happen multiple times day, and most of us are completely missing them!


As humans, our brains are always going. They’re always moving. We’re constantly jumping from one activity to the next, asking our brains to play catch up as we do. However, this doesn’t happen as seamlessly as you might think. Our brains are often stuck in limbo, still thinking about what we were doing 20 minutes ago, while also thinking about what we need to do an hour from now.



These moments of transition often drain our energy and attention. Our brains feel torn between what we were doing and what we need to be doing. You had a hectic day at work, and suddenly you’re pulling into your driveway, rushing to start dinner and bath time with the kids. Your brain is still processing that afternoon meeting and the project you didn’t finish, and now you’re asking your brain to think about homework and bedtime routines. Or maybe your morning commute was stressful, with a delayed train or accident on the highway. You’ve been tense and focused, and now you’re rushing into work, expecting your brain flip a switch and be productive.


These transitions are stressful, and they wreck havoc on our brains. We’re often distracted, disengaged, stressed, and unfocused.


Luckily, there is an easy solution. In today’s video, I’m sharing the simple, 15 second trick that can completely transform your ability to focus and be present. Check it out, and let me know what you think!



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