The Myth About Balance That’s Stressing You Out

The Myth About Balance That’s Stressing You Out

How often do you try to balance your life, only to feel like you want to pull out your hair at the end of a day? How often do you try to be a good parent, partner, friend, and employee, only to feel like you’e failing at all of these? If you can relate, you’re probably falling victim to the myth about balance. And it’s stressing you out. Big time.


Balance is a hot buzzword these days. It seems to be everywhere. Whether you’re talking about time, diet, money, or priorities, the topic of balance comes up. Everyone’s trying to manage it all. We’re trying to fit a million things onto a plate, without anything spilling over. Balance is important. Yes. But there’s a major myth about balance, and we have to address it.



Balance doesn’t mean giving everything in your life equal attention, all of the time. Balance doesn’t mean giving all the roles in your life equal time, every single day. That’s not balance. That’s a recipe for disaster. Balance involves accepting that there is an ebb and flow to everything, including your time and priorities. Some weeks, your job is going to call for a lot of attention. It may take you away from your family more, and you might find yourself skipping the gym or eating out more. Some weeks, you might be managing a huge family crisis, giving less attention to other things or relationships.


Imbalances like this are normal. They’re part of being a human. Balance doesn’t mean doing it all perfectly, all of of time. That’s a myth. The key is to zoom out, taking a wider view of balance. Leaving your lens zoomed in, looking at each day as it’s own balance report card, is a trap. It leads straight to feelings of failure, discouragement, and inadequacy.


If you want to live a balanced life, but find yourself overwhelmed in the process, this week’s video is for you! I also share one of my favorite metaphors for balance to help drive home this point. Plus, get quick peek into a recent day of mine, as I learn to accept the ebb and flow that happens with balance. Don’t miss this one!



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PS: If you’re someone who tries to do it all, this video is a must-watch for you. It fits right in with today’s myth about balance.

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