The Best Advice for Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution

Every January, we set goals and resolutions for the New Year, determined to make a change in our lives. Yet, so often, we fall off the wagon after just a few short weeks or months, wondering where the heck we went wrong. If you can relate, you will love today’s video! I’m sharing the best piece of advice for sticking with your New Year’s resolution (or any other goal for that matter.) This advice has been a gamechanger for me, so I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you today!



Whoa. Isn’t that powerful? Follow a plan, not a feeling.


As I’ve shared before, motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes. It’s fickle. Yet many of us make the mistake of waiting till we feel like doing something.


But guess what? We rarely feel like it. So if you base your goals and your commitment to them on how you feel, you’re in trouble.


Let’s look at an example. Say your resolution is to meditate for six minutes a day. You do some prep work and decide that every morning, before work, you’re going to meditate for six minutes. You download an app, write it down in your calendar, and commit. You’ve got a solid plan.



But then, a few mornings in, you wake up with a headache. You don’t feel like meditating. You decide to pass for the day. A couple of days later, you’re stressed about a big presentation, so you skip it. Then, later in the month, you’re tired. Not feeling up to it, you forget the meditation. In each of these moments, you had a solid plan. But you followed a feeling instead. And that’s where you got off track.


You’re stressed and tired; you’re not in the mood. You don’t feel like. But you know what? You started this New Year with a plan. Don’t abandon that now.


Therefore, my best piece of advice for sticking with your New Year’s resolution is simple. Follow a plan, not a feeling.

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