Simple Conversation Starters for Your Holiday Gathering

Simple Conversation Starters for Your Holiday Gathering

No matter how you’re spending this holiday season, chances are, there will be increased opportunity for conversation. Whether you’re spending lots of time with close family, or sitting next to your second cousin, it’s possible to have more meaningful conversation. Or maybe you’re joining a group of neighbors for the holidays, and you’re just hoping to avoid awkward silence. Whatever your situation this holiday season, having simple conversation starters ready to go can make a huge difference.


Check out the video below for some simple but fun conversation starters. Plus hear my answers to a few of the questions! (Hint: it involves the best Christmas present I ever got!)



I had been thinking about a post focused on simple conversation starters for a while. So when a friend gifted me the Table Topics holiday pack, I took it as a sign. I spent some time Saturday morning flipping through the cards, picking a few of my favorites. I thought about how these questions could prompt conversation, ranging from fun and silly to deep and reflective.


It might seem strange to have a list of conversation starters in your head. But if you know me, you know I’m all about intentionality. And as I talked about in my video on avoiding conflict at the Thanksgiving table, coming to conversations prepared is key.



Remember, we can’t always control what life throws our way or who we’re paired up with in conversation. But we can control how we engage. So by coming prepared with a few simple conversation starters, we increase the likelihood that these conversations are positive, pleasant, and meaningful.


Which of these questions do you want to ask this holiday season?


PS: Do you have a simple conversation starter for the holidays that didn’t make the list? Leave it below; I’d love to hear!

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