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Mindfulness: What It Is and Why You Need to Start Doing It

Perhaps you’ve heard the term. Maybe you’ve seen it on the front of a self-help book; maybe you’ve heard it on a quick talk show blurb. Or maybe you’re hearing it for the first time. Either way, you need to know about it. Mindfulness is one of the number one things I teach people, and it is one of the principles I try to incorporate most frequently into my daily life.  Mindfulness has all sorts of benefits for mental, physical, and emotional health, including improved concentration, focus, and flexibility, increased emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others, reduced stress, fatigue, and anxiety.  Some experts have called mindfulness the next public health initiative; proof it is pretty incredible!  Mindfulness is new for most people, which means it is often uncomfortable and challenging. So let me help your audience learn how to understand and integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.


Self-Compassion: How Learning to Be Kind to Yourself Can Transform Your Life

Self-compassion has recently gained worldwide attention from the field of mental health, and I am a huge advocate for practicing this skill on a daily basis. Based primarily on the work of researcher, Kristin Neff, Ph.D., self-compassion involves noticing difficult experiences, sharing kindness, and acknowledging that being imperfect is part of the human experience. It might sight like an odd concept, but simply stated, just ignoring your pain or telling yourself to “get over it,” doesn’t really work in helping ourselves feel better. It’s about being able to slow down, comfort yourself, and remind yourself that everyone struggles. The research about self-compassion is astounding, indicating that self-compassion has a ton of benefits, including greater emotional resilience, less depression, more stable self-worth, more caring relationship behavior, and less reactive anger. I am excited and ready to help your audience respond to their struggles, mistakes, and emotional pain in a more helpful and positive way.  This presentation is a Dr. Allison favorite!


How to Manage Self-Doubt and Fear, Blazing Ahead for the Life You Really Want

So many of us have big dreams, deep hopes, and a desire to be a part of meaningful change. Yet it’s amazing how quickly and quietly self-doubt and fear can creep in. In the blink of an eye, we go from a moment of inspiration, to being overcome with doubt and insecurity. Our thoughts suddenly wonder, “Can I do this? Am I capable? Will anyone notice? Will it matter?” We go from believing we can take a risk and make a difference, to doubting whether or not we have what it takes.  This presentation is designed to help you learn the most common ways that fear creeps into our lives, and more importantly, what we can do about it.  If you want to help your team or organization dream big and tackle brave, fulfilling projects, this presentation is for you!


The Power of Mindfulness: Why Your Child Needs to Practice It and How You Can Teach It at Home

In this exciting and engaging presentation, I help parents and guardians learn the basics of mindfulness and why it is critical to begin incorporating mindfulness into your home with your child.  Mindfulness has a wealth of research, and it’s benefits for children are impressive, including increased focus and attention, increased ability to self-soothe and regulate emotion, increased happiness, and decreased stress, anxiety, and depression!  This workshop will help you learn exactly what mindfulness is and how you can integrate mindfulness into your family’s daily routine.  Don’t be fooled into thinking mindfulness is a strange, new-age concept; it’s a daily practice that has the power to profoundly impact the lives of our children and families!


Dealing With Difficult Customers, Clients, or Patients

This workshop is a favorite among businesses and organizations who have a strong customer service focus. Simply stated, humans can be challenging. Yet when you’re in a client or customer-focused industry, you better learn how to deal with all sorts of challenging. A lot is on the line for service-based industries, especially when emotions run high and clients are upset, irritated, disappointed, or demanding. Psychology has a lot to say about how we can interact effectively in these moments, and I love sharing these secrets in a user-friendly, practical, and fun way!


Suicide Prevention: the Topic No One Wants to Talk About but Everyone Needs to Know About

Suicide is a growing health problem, and it is estimated that 121 individuals in the United States commit suicide every day.  One in five U.S. teenagers seriously considers suicide, and it is linked to psychological, family, and social distress.  Though suicide has devastating consequences, it is in large part preventable.  This workshop is designed to help friends and family members, as well as mental health professionals, learn more about suicide, risk factors, intervention strategies, and prevention efforts.  Though the topic of suicide can be difficult, this presentation approaches the topic in a helpful and user-friendly way, providing confidence to parents and professionals about their ability to talk about an otherwise difficult subject.


How to be Happier: Yes, It Takes Practice!

Did you know that genetics and life circumstances only account for about 50 percent of a person’s happiness?  The other 50% is determined by us and our habits. How we think, how we spend our time, and what we do.  Happiness is a skill, meaning we have to practice it.  Think about happiness like physical strength. We don’t just, poof, become strong; we get stronger by practicing various exercises and movements, and over time, this practice contributes to us becoming stronger. Happiness is the same way.  In this presentation, I’ll talk about some of the most important research on happiness and how you can start practicing today, moving towards a happier and healthier life!

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