If You’re Struggling, Remember This.

If You’re Struggling, Remember This.

You know those times when life feels hard? When you’re trying to keep going, one foot in front of the other, but it’s exhausting. And anxiety provoking. A part of you knows that struggling is a part of the process, but dang it; you want to be done with the struggle already!


If you can relate, if you’re struggling. then this week’s Instagram mantra is totally for you. (PS: If you haven’t heard, I release a new mantra of the week each and every Monday on Instagram stories. It’s meant for you to have, write down, and use all week long, reminding your brain of a simple truth over and over. So if life feels hard, or if you’re smack dab in the middle of tough times, this mantra is your new, go-to phrase.)


But first, let’s chat about discomfort. As humans, we hate being uncomfortable. We hate not knowing and not having control. We hate having to face our fears and tolerate discomfort. We hate struggling and floundering and not knowing the plan.



Yet discomfort is necessary for growth. It’s absolutely part of the process. Perhaps it’s where the term “growing pains” comes from. You can’t tone your muscles without feeling sore. You can’t learn patience without having to wait. And you can’t learn to trust yourself without a scary leap of faith.


Meaningful change just doesn’t happen without discomfort.


So if you’re struggling in your life, and if things feel hard, use this mantra to get you through.


“This is an opportunity for growth.”


This phrase isn’t about pretending to enjoy discomfort or tough times. It’s not meant to minimize the struggle or pretend that everything’s going to be a-okay. This phrase is a reminder that struggling also brings a gift. An opening. It’s a reminder that the yucky stuff you’re dealing with also comes with an opportunity. To grow, to learn, and to challenge your fears.


If you’re struggling to wait, remember, this is an opportunity to learn patience. If you’re struggling with deal with hard news, remember, this is an opportunity to know your own strength. If you’re facing rejection after rejection, remember, this is an opportunity to dig deep and know your worth.


Even though you may not like discomfort, it’s a part of the process. It’s necessary. And it’s a reminder that growth is close behind.


So when things are tough and super uncomfortable, when you want to throw in the towel, gently but firmly remind yourself, “This is an opportunity for growth.” Stick with it. Find hope. Reframe your struggle.


Remember, you’re stronger than you think, and struggling is a reminder that there’s a chance to learn and grow. So the question is, are you willing to see what your discomfort has to offer. Are you willing to see the opportunity before you?


I believe in you.

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