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Like what you’re seeing and hearing?  Think your organization, company, or group could benefit from the stuff you’re seeing here on Dr. Allison Answers?  Let’s connect!  I am available for a variety of projects, including workshopstrainingsspeaking engagements, and writing projects.  


One of my favorite things is to get outside of the therapy room and connect with people, sharing evidence-based ways to live your very best life.  Psychology has so much to say about how to operate at our highest and healthiest level, and I simplify it all for you!


I’ve met with just about every group of people you could imagine: educators, parents, healthcare professionals, college students, administrators, tech gurus, and directors.  I’ve led trainings at hospitals, schools, PTA meetings, and high-rise offices.  I’ve given presentations on mindfulness, self-compassion, parenting, happiness, suicide prevention, and much more.


My goal is to tailor trainings and presentations to what you need.  Maybe you’re not even quite sure what you need or how the heck your staff or team could benefit from mindfulness or gratitude training.  No worries; I’m happy to help you explore some options and create something unique.  If it’s on my site, I love to talk about it!


Feedback from previous trainings and presentations

I invited Dr. Allison to give presentations on the topics of self-compassion and mindfulness to groups of allied health professionals and undergraduate psychology students. I was blown away by her engaging and energetic presentation style, including her vast expertise regarding positive psychology and utilizing strength-based approaches to enhance human functioning.  Dr. Allison is a passionate, humorous, enthusiastic, and engaging speaker who captivates audiences with her dynamic presentation style.  She has a keen ability to connect with her audience by using personal stories, cutting-edge research, and experiential activities. She is deeply committed to helping people achieve their full potential in life. I am definitely going to invite her back to give additional presentations and trainings. My students and staff are still taking about her presentation! Thank you Dr. Allison!


This past weekend, my new company, U University, invited Dr. Allison to give a 3 hour seminar on self-compassion for our launch event. I was impressed with how genuine and authentic Dr. Allison was during her presentation, as well as how connected she was with the audience. As her presentation unfolded, it became clear she not only has a very solid knowledge on self-compassion, she also is incredibly passionate about the topic which was evident throughout the entire 3 hour lecture.  The presentation was engaging, and Dr. Allison was absolutely dynamic. From first point of contact to the end of the event, she was professional, pleasant and enjoyable to work with.  I would love nothing more than to have her back for future engagements.


Dr. Allison has a wonderful presentation style. Warm, friendly, great feedback, made me feel comfortable participating, enthusiastic, interesting, dynamic, and a good mix of lecture and practice.


Dr. Allison is great. Very engaging. Very comforting and accepting. Encouraging.


Dr. Allison is very dynamic and her enthusiasm for the topic is evident. I also appreciate that she shares her own journey as well.


Dr. Allison was excellent, clear, and models a concept which can be difficult.


Dr. Allison is a pro!


Want to work with me?  Send me an email at drallison@drallisonanswers.com or call me at (630) 441-4415 for more information.  I do my best to respond in a timely manner.


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