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Join me for a dynamic and engaging workshop series, “Healthy People Talk to Themselves.”  In this exciting, two-part workshop series, you’ll learn how to use self-talk to manage anxiety, get out of a funk, and keep your cool in some of life’s most challenging moments.


Your brain is constantly chattering.  It’s always saying something.  And if you’re like most humans, that little voice in your head isn’t exactly the kindest or most compassionate.  It constantly focuses on the negative, worries about the future, and stresses about stuff you can’t control.  It’s critical and judgmental, and it tends to focus on what you should’ve done better.


But you’re not completely at the mercy of your brain’s chatter.  And this is where self-talk comes in.  Learning how to engage in strategic, healthy, and directive self-talk is one of the most important skills for your mental and emotional health. 


In this workshop series, you’ll learn why your brain tends to focus on the negative and why you’re so self-critical. You’ll learn both the science and the art of self-talk, walking away with practical strategies to use right away.  You’ll learn how to slow down and pay attention to your experience, being kinder and more compassionate to the person in mirror.


Self-talk isn’t some fluffy self-help or new-age concept.  It’s a critical skill for living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.  So make some time for yourself, and get ready to start talking!


Contact me at drallison@drallisonanswers.com to register.  Or call 630-441-4415.


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