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Ready to give therapy a try?  I founded and own Dr. Allison and Associates, a group practice in the western suburbs of Chicago, specializing in individual therapy.  My team is comprised of gifted and compassionate therapists, ready to work with you one on one. 

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Want happier employees? Want your people to manage stress and communicate better?  Want to inspire bravery and courage among your team?  I love working with companies, organizations, and teams of all sizes, helping you make the most out of your efforts.  If you want your people to be better, happier, and more productive, we’ve got to teach them how!  From small, personalized workshops to large keynote presentations, in front of group is where I shine best.

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Want to dive deeper and get some hands-on experience with the stuff you see here? Join me for one of my in-person workshops.  These workshops are a unique blend of teaching cool stuff, practicing new skills, and sharing with others.  So think TED Talks + science fair + Girl Scouts.  Cool right?  Here’s what I’ve got coming up.

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